Endless Rivers

of Hope

Welcome to Endless Rivers

This is my story.

Who I am

In March of 2016, I began a new life. I came to believe in God in early 2015, when I was literally drowning in alcohol. I spent a year or so learning about who He is, and about the 12 steps of recovery. After countless relapses, and two trips to the hospital, I ALSO came to understand the importance of surrender. You can read more about my story HERE.

Where I am today

In 2017, I took a leap of faith and enrolled in college. As long as I’m sober, and as long as I’m writing the story of my transformation; I might as well give it all I’ve got… Right?! As of Spring 2020 I’ve earned my A.A. degree in Psychology, and I’ll be transferring to a University in May to pursue my bachelor’s. More on where I am today can be found HERE.

Lifestyle Changes

With 4 years of sobriety—and 4 months without a cigarette—can you guess where my tendency to be excessive has wandered off to? To my eating! I’m setting out on a new journey; to eat better foods and become more active. It’s time to get healthy. I have 54 pounds to lose, and a year and a half to do it. I’ll be keeping track of my progress HERE.

I Love Photography

And you’ll find a wide assortment here.

My latest hobby is
Personalized Portraits

I Enjoy Creative Writing, Haiku & Journaling

And I Dabble in Abstract Art

Here are My Latest Posts…

As the Crow flies

Dignified hunter, The dark ruler of the sky, Wings spread, you’ll fly… high. I captured this crow in our neighbors tree the other day and decided he was worth the (computer) time and struggle. He was all alone—practicing social distancing I suppose—and we connected for a minute or two before he lifted his wings for …

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When Life . . .

Gives you Lemons. Life has definitely thrown a curve ball. A part of me wonders if it’s the perfect opportunity to postpone my New Lifestyle, New Me adventure, but the other part of me—the pushy and persistent side—will just not let that happen. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in this crazy, twisted, and often …

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On the Bay

Drop-ins at the Bay, Laugh and Play Pitter-patter, Welcome intrusion. Last night I decided that using borrowed images, or upcycling my own (which I’ve done here) is about all I can handle at the moment. Besides my old laptop looking tired, programs are running WAY to slow lately. This one’s an old photo from South …

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Chair on a bridge

The Hot Seat

This chair was abandoned on a bridge near my house and I thought of the Pull up a Seat Photo Challenge (2020 Week 12) when I saw it. It’s an interesting setting with all of the metal bars on the bridge; so many lines and shadows! Normally that bridge is open during the day for …

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