Reality Check

I’m going to get REAL right now and tell you that when I started this blog, it was to share my new faith in God, the ups and downs of my journey into recovery (which began in January of last year), and the wonderful discoveries I’ve made along the way. It really IS a good story.

BUT, as I mentioned before, sometimes I act first, and think later. My first “reality check” took place when I had a “LIKE” on a post. I was immediately flattered and excited! What struck me to my core though, was a sense of humility. I thought…

“Oh dear God… someone is actually reading this?!?!”

I know. Don’t say it. I already know what you’re thinking. Thankfully, I’m only a week into this. While my dramatic stories and tales about the chaos that I’ve lived through are proof of my previous dysfunctional life, the true miracle here, the thing that changed my life forever, is that I found God.

I FINALLY learned that the emptiness inside of me, that drove me to that life of pure insanity… was a “God shaped vacuum” as Blaise Pascal so eloquently stated, and NOW… praise God, that vacuum is full.

Have a blessed day!