The Journey Continues

My life today looks nothing like it did a year ago. There’s definitely still a lot of “construction in progress,” but compared to how it was when I was drinking…it’s like heaven.I am happy, joyous and free.

But– I’ve been doing some thinking. How do I propel myself into the next phase of my life? I want to experience growth. My birthday is on Monday, and I’ll be fifty-five.

My life has slowed down, and my priorities are now in order (for the most part). Things are definitely different, but I’d like to expand. I’m feeling kind of stagnant. So, I decided to take on a challenge.

For my fifty-fifth year I’m going to do 55 things I’ve NEVER done before, including random acts of kindness. That’s a little over one per week.

I’m super excited. This will be a year to celebrate recovery (sober!) and give something back. I’ll be doing some serious brainstorming this weekend.

The journey continues!

Stay encouraged

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