Month: November 2016

Morning Glory Surprise

This colorful flowering vine belongs to our neighbor, yet it sneaks into our yard, back behind a shed where no one dares to go. I had to crawl through a creepy web to get a good view, but it was worth it—and I was looking for adventure. Too much coffee perhaps. Anyway, I spruced it up and darkened the background to show off the colors—and then I did a Black & White for Rebecca.

Childlike Dreams

This started with a water feature that we saw at the Museum of Art, in Phoenix. The tree made me think of my grandson, and how he loves climbing, so I brought him in and had some fun with it. It made me wonder if his dreams look like that.

Just Do It

Well, I’ve been thinking again. I’m seriously considering the idea of writing (and doing photography) professionally. I never HAVE pursued my dreams in life, except for my business. But that’s because I already knew HOW to do it, and it paid the bills. It was convenient. Plus I was confident that it would work—so I kind of made it my dream—but I never LOVED it. I guess you could say I’m on the verge of a new pursuit! But it’s a good one this time. It’s not about a destination either, it’s about following a dream and just doing it! Next on the agenda: Game plan. Stay encouraged! (My middle grandson is featured in my photo today)

Conversation with God

Father, you feel so far away,I’m not sure that my words are right.All I ask is to feel you near…Did you hear my prayer last night? Open your eyes my little one,Remember the veil was torn apart.Be still, and know that I am God…for I am speaking to your heart. I’ve summoned the wind to join us,My spirit stirs amidst the breeze.Look! The branches, they dance about…Rustling leaves whisper melodies. Forever and ever I am with you child,I’m everywhere, and in everything.Your words need not be perfect…I know your heart, I hear it sing! Oh thank you Heavenly Father,for this song that you’ve given me.I’ll be back again tomorrow…to dance beneath our sacred tree.

Keeping it Simple

I have a plethora of things to write about lately. My mind has been spinning in all kinds of wonderful directions! But, I’m not going to write today. This image was taken when I was on my way to Denver (I was the passenger, so no danger there). I didn’t notice the sign until I got home. Perfect for the Holiday coming up. Don’t be a turkey

Picking Up Speed

Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous. My sponsor said that to me after I told her about all of the coincidences that started happening in my life once I came to believe. I think that prior to that time, my eyes were just closed. I say that because—looking back—I’m finally able to recognize God’s little nudges and prior attempts to get my attention when I was in desperate need of help but didn’t know (or believe) that it was HIM that I should turn to. One thing I’ve never mentioned is that some years ago, I lost my jeep. It quit running and I was in no condition, mentally OR financially, to have it repaired. I had NO business driving back then anyway, if you know what I mean, so I have to wonder if that was actually one of those anonymous blessings. Anyway, I received a text from my best friend. We grew up together and she’s like a sister to me. She and her husband were talking about me over dinner when her husband made …


It was about 3 am the other night when I shut down my computer. I could have stayed up later if my tired, crazy bloodshot eyes hadn’t caused my blurred vision. That evening, I had spent the hours tinkering with photos, browsing blogs, and perusing some tips and tricks offered by talented photographers out there. I had an epiphany. I started thinking about this hobby of mine. I tend to fly by the seat of my pants, and while taking photographs is one of my passions, I have to say that I point and click pretty randomly most of the time. For ME, the project actually starts when I open up the pictures on my laptop and begin to dissect them. Some are fine just as they are, but what pleases me most is finding ways to turn drab or boring digital snapshots into something eye-catching. For the past few days I’ve been kind of contemplating… What IS this hobby of mine really about? This morning I put that question to rest, and started thinking about …

Back at the Ranch

I took this photograph on the way to Tennessee; at Cadillac Ranch. I found the place on google when I was searching for things to do on the long ride across the country. It’s worth seeing—if you happen to be passing through Texas and haven’t been there before. What’s funny is that I really wanted to do a travel blog when we took that trip, but I never did it. I didn’t feel like spending time on the computer after doing all of the driving and having so little time to visit the sights. Anyway, I had some fun with this one in both color and black and white.