Being Human

My name is Janet, and it’s day TWO of my 55 things I’ve never done before challenge.

I thought I’d start today by properly introducing myself. That’s something I haven’t done before. Well, at least on my blog.

My intentions were never to be a nameless, faceless blogger… it just sort of happened. Like I said in the very beginning- there was no plan, no agenda and no expectations, just a desire to share my journey with others.

I never put much thought into using my name until I commented on someone else’s post and thought… hmmm…what will people call me? Endless??

So, here I am. Being human.

I wasn’t trying to hide- and I have no shame, or regrets about my past. Everything that’s ever happened in my life has gotten me right here. And I’m in a really good place right now. God is so good!

I think I’ll chalk this up as the FIRST thing I’ve done this year that I’ve NEVER done before. I’ve introduced myself to the world…

…and I want to say that it’s a pleasure to be here!