Back at the Ranch


I took this photo on the way to Tennessee. My son was checking out the cars at Cadillac Ranch, in Amarillo Texas. I found out about the place on google, when I was trying to find things for us to do on the long….LONG…ride. It’s worth seeing at least once, if you’re just passing through. At least for photo ops.



What’s funny is that I really wanted to do a travel blog when we took that trip, but I never did it. I guess I didn’t really feel like spending time on the computer. Too much driving!

I thought I had lost most of the pics from the trip, but my dad (God rest his beautiful soul) used to tinker with my computers all the time, and he always insisted on saving my pictures to a disc – and I found one of them today. I love you dad! You were right, as usual.

Anyway, I had some fun with this one earlier. I think I have about 700+ photos to go through over the next few months.

Pretty awesome. God is good!