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It was about 3 am the other night when I shut down my computer. I could have stayed up later if my tired, crazy bloodshot eyes hadn’t caused my blurred vision. That evening, I had spent the hours tinkering with photos, browsing blogs, and perusing some tips and tricks offered by talented photographers out there.

I had an epiphany.

I started thinking about this hobby of mine. I tend to fly by the seat of my pants, and while taking photographs is one of my passions, I have to say that I point and click pretty randomly most of the time.

For ME, the project actually starts when I open up the pictures on my laptop and begin to dissect them. Some are fine just as they are, but what pleases me most is finding ways to turn drab or boring digital snapshots into something eye-catching. For the past few days I’ve been kind of contemplating…

What IS this hobby of mine really about?

This morning I put that question to rest, and started thinking about my blog. The whole reason behind I started it was to share my story- my journey in sobriety, my walk with God, and the transformation of my life. My thoughts drifted (as they often do!) back to a thought I’ve had for years about starting a second hand store; selling items that have been recycled, restored or re-purposed. That’s when it hit me.


THAT’s what it’s all about. I love to work with things that don’t appear to be much on the surface, and watch them transform into something new. Something different. Something beautiful!

My hobby is transforming things.

So it turns out that my hobbies actually reflect my own life, in an odd sort of way. God is chiseling away at my facade, sifting through the pieces, discarding the rubble and debris, and slowly transforming me.

A hidden treasure awaits!

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