Keeping it Simple


I have a plethora of things to write about lately. My mind has been spinning in all kinds of wonderful directions! But, I’m not going to write about any of those things today.

I’m not one to get real anxious over elections, so yesterday wasn’t too stressful…for me…but I AM close to someone who DOES, so there was definitely some tension in the air around here for a while. Maybe I’m still recouping.

I found two more discs that my dad burned for me while he was alive. It made yesterday a pretty fun day for me. It rekindled some loving memories, and feelings of gratitude, for both my dad and the blessed life that I’ve lived. I know drinking was a negative part of it, but somehow, in spite of all that, I’ve had a really GREAT life. It was mainly those last couple of years that almost destroyed me.

Anyway, I found another photo that I think is more Christmas lights shot at a high speed. Maybe not. It was obviously unintended, which is why I like it…no matter.


The one below was taken in a bridge, on my way to Denver (I was the passenger, so no danger there). I just started clicking away and didn’t even notice the sign until I got home and looked at it. Perfect for the Holiday coming up.


That’s all for now. Keeping it simple. Have a wonderful evening, and stay encouraged.