It’s All About the Journey

I want to show you what I’ve been doing lately. This art phase I’m going through is actually a great remedy for my overthinking. It gets me out of my head.

Earlier I posted some distorted photos, in Around the States. I thought I’d share the three phases…original, transformed (or made more eye-popping), then this new distorted effect that I started using yesterday.

I was thinking that, like my road trips (and life in general), the beauty is in the journey, not the destination- so I thought it would be fun to show the transition- my art journey!

Below are the original digital snapshots, then my jazzed up version, then the distortion.

I know I get carried away with vibrancy, shadows and contrasts, but that’s just my preference. I like to create something that I might actually hang on my own wall.

This was a cool façade that I saw in Jerome, which is an old mining town in the Black Hills of Arizona. Apparently it was a rowdy place back in the 1800’s, with wild Saloons and Brothels.

This was a cool bench in Laguna Beach that I saw while walking around with my girlfriends.

This was a photo I took on Beale Street in Memphis when I was on the road trip with my son.

And, finally… this was a wall mural we saw in Oklahoma City, on the same trip.

So, there you have it. That’s my little hobby! 🙂

God is good! Stay encouraged!

7 thoughts on “It’s All About the Journey

    1. Yes! I haven’t gotten around to replying to you yet… but yes. The Holy Spirit was at work as I read your post. It was much needed and it’s a similar topic that keeps coming up… so I’d say you did the task!

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