Just Do It

Well, I spent the day working on a new theme for my blog. I love it! My middle grandson is featured in my photo today (and unfortunately my daughter-in-law’s legs).

Anyway, I’ve been thinking these past two days about everything. I think things are actually happening, or evolving I should say. Transformation is transformation, regardless of which direction I go…as long as it’s forward (and sober), I can’t go wrong!

I’m serious about writing and photography. I decided that those are the things that I love to do, so whatever it takes- I’m going to do it. I’m on a new pursuit! But a good one this time. It’s not about a destination either, it’s about following a dream and just doing it!

I’ve always wanted to do photography for sure. The writing just came about recently, when I started journaling. Anyway, as far as doing anything artistic for a living, I’ve always had those voices in my head (fear and doubt) saying… Well, THAT certainly doesn’t sound feasible! I hate those voices. I’m not listening anymore.

I never HAVE pursued my dreams in life, except for my business- but that’s only because it’s what I knew HOW to do, and it paid the bills. I was confident that it would work… so I kind of made it my dream. I never loved it, though.

So, it seems I managed to do something constructive after all. I made a decision about my future. That’s HUGE. Next on the agenda: Game plan.

Anyway, that’s about it. I feel good today (a little stiff though!), God is good, and I’m sober, to boot! Life is good!

Stay encouraged-