Just Do It

Well, I spent the day working on a new theme for my blog. I love it! My middle grandson is featured in my photo today (and unfortunately my daughter-in-law’s legs).

Anyway, I’ve been thinking these past two days about everything. I think things are actually happening, or evolving I should say. Transformation is transformation, regardless of which direction I go…as long as it’s forward (and sober), I can’t go wrong!

I’m serious about writing and photography. I decided that those are the things that I love to do, so whatever it takes- I’m going to do it. I’m on a new pursuit! But a good one this time. It’s not about a destination either, it’s about following a dream and just doing it!

I’ve always wanted to do photography for sure. The writing just came about recently, when I started journaling. Anyway, as far as doing anything artistic for a living, I’ve always had those voices in my head (fear and doubt) saying… Well, THAT certainly doesn’t sound feasible! I hate those voices. I’m not listening anymore.

I never HAVE pursued my dreams in life, except for my business- but that’s only because it’s what I knew HOW to do, and it paid the bills. I was confident that it would work… so I kind of made it my dream. I never loved it, though.

So, it seems I managed to do something constructive after all. I made a decision about my future. That’s HUGE. Next on the agenda: Game plan.

Anyway, that’s about it. I feel good today (a little stiff though!), God is good, and I’m sober, to boot! Life is good!

Stay encouraged-

5 thoughts on “Just Do It

  1. Very happy for you

    You have been consistent about this.

    You are getting and learning the art of living and living to the fullest

    Sometimes less is more

    Simpler is fuller

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