My Gratitude List

It all starts with God. I’m grateful for all that He has given me!

  • Family and friends who know the meaning of unconditional love
  • My health
  • The desire, strength & courage to obtain (and sustain) sobriety
  • The ability to laugh OFTEN, and not take everything seriously
  • A roof over my head and food to eat
  • Road trips (and the vehicle that I’m finally picking up next week)
  • My passions: relating to other people, writing, and photographs
  • An overwhelming hunger to contribute something of value to this world
  • His absolute grace and everlasting love

Thank you Father God!

This is my oldest grandson a few years ago. He’s eight now. We took a tour in Long Beach, and when they announced that we might see sea lions from the boat his eyes got really WIDE…

There are lions out there?!?

There are lions in the ocean?!?! What a funny guy. He was very relieved when we finally saw them.

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