Step Into a Dream

This morning…I was questioning my thoughts about my idea for the picture frame business, and a thought came to mind. Stop worrying so much, and…Step Into Your Dreams. That’s when the idea for this project came to mind.

EVERY little idea, no matter how small, is a step into a dream.


Everything (except for a lens flare) is from photos I have taken. My grandson is going to get used a lot because I like his positioning. Poor guy. 😉

That’s my youngest son in there too, many moons ago. The cat is a beauty we saw lounging at a winery in Temecula (when I was allowed to partake), and bits of Utah, Arizona, California, and Colorado are all included as well.

I’m learning some new techniques and loving it. This was a lot of fun!

Happy Thanksgiving, and have a beautiful day/night!