Backyard Fun

Well, today is a great day. I found an old camera I had in the closet (thought it was lost for good!), so I’m no longer stuck browsing all of my old road trip photos!! I love them all, don’t get me wrong, but it’s time to be outside!!

Anyway, I took these today. Of course, I still have trouble making up my mind about doing them in color, or black and white, or all the other varieties available, but these were my favorites and I could part with none. 🙂

The leaf is pretty much the ONLY one left on that tree… so I thought it needed to be applauded today, and the tricycle and soccer ball have been collecting dust since my daughter in law stopped working (and I no longer watch the baby during the day).

But, Christmas is near and the house will be full of kids and laughter… and a lot of LOVE. My favorite time of year!