One for the Road


I know I said “I’m done looking at road trip photos”, but I’m clearing out old files (to make room for new) and found this one- and absolutely love it.

It’s pretty much the same view I had at my Utah rest stop post- either before stopping or after- but I took it from the car and it’s cool to see the rear view mirror. I think so anyway. It’s a great reminder of how much I love the road… and miss it!

Just a little history: I lived in Phoenix six years and drove back and forth to Los Angeles many times, so I did that six hour drive often. That’s when I really got comfortable being on the road.

Then we moved to Colorado- for two years. It was a lot harder to commute as often, but I managed to do it enough times that I got to know parts of Utah quite well- and I have to say that I could live there. It’s a beautiful State! My dog (who’s no longer with us) would come with me, so she learned to love Utah herself. Well, at least she loved the rooms at La Quinta. 😉

So, this photo was taken on my FIRST trip from Colorado to L.A. (which is what I actually call home) so Utah was new to me on this drive.

When I saw the beauty, I was overwhelmed. I still can’t find the pictures of the REAL Utah. This is barely into it and the best part comes later down the road. Or UP the road I should say. I’ll find those pictures. I’m determined!

Anyway… that’s what makes this picture special to me. It has ME written all over it. Loving the drives and the scenes whirling past me. And stopping OFTEN to take pictures, although my companion didn’t like to as much, which is probably why I have quite a few photos taken from the car!

Oh, and bringing a change of clothes was important! Once I left Colorado while it was snowing, so I wore my jacket and boots. By the time I stopped near Las Vegas it was HOT- and I was roaming the rest stop all bundled up while everyone else strolled around in shorts. It’s weird to not only travel far, but travel through weather changes. I love it!

That’s about all for now. I have another story of my first long trip. It’s a bit sad though, so I’ll save that for another time.

You know… this all makes me think about my love for the road. Sometimes I wonder if it’s the excitement of what’s ahead, or just the feeling of relief about what I always leave behind me when I take off. My worries. I never bring them along. 🙂