My Playdate

I picked up my five year old grandson from school today and asked him to be my model so that I could get some practice. I’m not super excited about how they came out from a photographer in training standpoint- but as a grandma I’m pretty happy about them, and even more so about our little playdate. He’s a character!

These were the serious shots. My son (his uncle) found the hat and suggested the stone-faced thug look. I’ll tell you one thing, five year olds don’t sit still for more than a few seconds and, fortunately, they don’t know what a thug is either. Honestly, it was a click-fest crap shoot. Oh, but so much fun! The one below is the watercolor-look…

In all fairness, and as any good grandma would do… I paid him very well. A pack of Cry Baby Bubble Gum, Pop Rocks, and Sour Patch Bears.

Our biggest laughs were while shooting him in action, as he was eating his pay! He would run back and forth to the camera to see how he looked in the viewer, and he’d laugh like crazy, getting a complete kick out of how he looked.

I’d say that we had a VERY successful day. A total win-win. As a matter of fact, I’m thinking that this may have been the best date I’ve ever been on, and I’m already anticipating date number two! 😉

Have a great evening/day everyone! Peace and Love –


3 thoughts on “My Playdate

  1. Great pictures of your grandson! Oh my he is a cutie. While reading your story I was wondering if a 5-year old knows what a stone-faced thug looks like. He looks like he could start his own little mafia – kindergarten mafia!

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