My Night Life

Tonight I experimented in the dark, and I think it may be my cup of tea!  I captured the top of our Flowering Plum and the bare Red Bud Pansy to see how they looked with the night sky as their backdrop (which apparently is just black!)I’ve always been a night owl, so this really makes me happy. With my gallivanting days behind me… keeping myself entertained after dark is important.

Yesterday I picked up some books on photography and one on turning your passions into profit. I still find it hard to wrap my head around making a living out of anything artistic, but I keep telling those discouraging voices to hit the road.

I’m a very determined person once I make up my mind, and I’m also just having fun with it. There are no expectations filling my head… so I’ve nothing to be disappointed about. I’ve got nothing to lose, as they say- and considering my not too distant downfall, you can take that literally- in a sense. There is nowhere to go but up! That’s not a bad place to be really.

Anyway, we did a thrift store run today and found a few frames. Tomorrow I’ll be rummaging through the shed to find the others that I packed away when I moved.

That’s about all for now. It’s been a good day.

God is great, and life is good!

That’s the Morning Glory at night. That one wasn’t too easy to get, let me tell you. 😉

Never, ever, EVER give up.