My Latest Obsession

I have tons of photos lately. Spider webs, a fountain, weeds, flowers, even one orange we discovered in the orange tree. Oh, and a bee! I captured a bee! Not on purpose though.


But I’m smitten with this darn tree. Anyway, I said I’m going with the flow… so there you go. I’m sharing more of my latest obsession- the tree.

The “Tree” with Birds in it!

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A Tree Transformed

This tree is across the bridge (the wash) from us, and it always catches my attention. The other day it was full of birds- which of course I noticed, but I love the branches even though they remind me of something haunted.

By Day
By Night

I took photos of it the other day, and then again this evening… just as the sun was going down. So I did up two versions I guess, a day and a night version. It almost looks like a different tree to me. Continue reading