Chasing The Wind


We had quite a bit of wind this morning, so I thought I’d go out and see if it’s possible to capture the breeze in photos. This is the top of our Ginkgo swaying. I took so many shots, and I’m sure this isn’t the best pick, but I lost patience and just went with this one.

I’m thinking I need to work on the patience thing. I’m no expert, but it’s my best guess that photography requires a lot of patience. More than I have anyway. I don’t know what the hurry is but I’m always rushing. I need to slow down. That will be my mantra for this next week. SLOW DOWN… EASY DOES IT.

Anyway, while looking UP all morning I caught this next shot. I had to just aim and shoot because these guys were in a hurry too!

Birds in Flight

I thought it was kind of cool. I get excited when I get a bird in my shot because they move fast. The wind got pretty crazy; doors were slamming, things were falling—and I tried to catch falling leaves in midair, but that’s really tough to do!


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6 thoughts on “Chasing The Wind

  1. Yes patience is what I need I am so damn raw around these guys. I’d like to bitch slap some of them they can be so annoying. And little shot is bothering me. I need ACCEPTANCE today

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  2. part of it is not patience but your attention to detail. Also you like things to be just right. Not bad traits

    I share your love of all things nature and God. Simple things like wind and its affect on life. xox

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