The Wash


We live near a flood control channel that funnels water to the Los Angeles River, but we just call it “the wash”. Back in the day there was an old wooden footbridge going across it, but they’ve since replaced it with a tall steel one. I guess too many kids used to climb the arches, and attempt silly daredevil stunts. Not me, of course. 😉

The banks of the wash were bare years ago, so we had a birds eye view of cement, piping, and other unappealing apparatuses. Close to twenty-five years ago my dad planted a handful of trees there, to give the neighborhood something nicer to look at. Some of them are nearly fifty feet tall now.

Anyway, the Gingko tree got boring when I was chasing the wind today. The leaves are beautiful  on the tree, but I can’t get them to look interesting in a photo. Not yet.

So, I changed my direction and took this from our front porch. I guess it just looks like a hodgepodge of leaves, but the colors are awesome- and somewhere on the other side of that hole in the middle… is the wash.

Sure beats staring at a bunch of concrete!