Rewiring My Hard Drive


Saturdays are thrift store days for me and my mom. This tree is outside one of the places we go to regularly (obviously, it’s not normally so blue). I actually took my camera along today because whenever I don’t, of course I see something interesting to photograph. Murphy’s Law, I guess.

And now I’ve dropped my phone a few too many times so it doesn’t take good photos at ALL. I need to get the screen replaced and I keep putting it off. Which leads me to the rewiring of my hard drive. My brain.

I’ve been thinking about the slowing down that I need to do. I figured out that it’s not really that I move too fast (trust me I don’t!)- it’s that I am selective about what I spend my time doing. Procrastination- putting off the important things today that I can do tomorrow- is one of my annoying defects.

Too much of a good thing is not always good? I think that’s the phrase I’m searching for.

Like alcohol… almost ALL of the things that catch my interest, that are pleasurable… seem to suck me in and practically take over. Like little predators, invading my brain.

I’d say it’s probably not such a bad thing, and photography IS a good healthy hobby, but no hobby should override the necessary, or important tasks that I should be doing. You know, like getting the screen replaced on my phone- things like that. And then there’s this…..


The frames. I am accumulating more and more, with each little trip to the thrift store (and these are just the small ones), and I get a little queasy when I start thinking about digging in and getting my hands dirty- trying to transform them into something unique and sellable.

So… I’m gearing up and rewiring, and I’m going to get started on these!

Tomorrow. 🙂