Moment of Gratitude

It isn’t pleasant to look back in time and recall the bad things; that former life of mine. It is so distant from me now that it seems like it was just a bad dream, and it has finally ended. I’m now wide awake, and this life that I now have is beautiful—and precious to me. Sharing stories and photographs, and seeing life all around me as others share their words, images, and passions… made me stop for a moment, and just be still.

A little tear finding it’s way down my cheek.

I am nothing but grateful today. Grateful to God for giving me this new life. I want to say that I appreciate every person that has ever taken a moment to view, read, like, follow or comment; whether it be past, present or future. You’re all so kind, interesting, and funny; and it’s a blessing to be getting to know you all… and see your talents.

gratitudeAnd I’m so thrilled to have this passion of mine called photography. It’s probably the one thing in my life that I know and believe is a God given passion (besides writing). It’s a part of me, and was meant for me. It’s not about perfection, or the best gadgets, or the highest quality image, it just IS. It’s just me. And I see the passion in every other person out there that shares theirs as well.

I realized today—in this moment of gratitude—that I don’t really NEED to chase ANY dreams.

I’m living smack dab in the middle of one.

Stay encouraged!

(The rainbow was shot in Phoenix, from the stairs where I lived)


    1. Oh thank you! I keep wanting to just stop, ya know? It’s good to hear someone say that it’s a good thing. It doesn’t feel so good really. I mean privately it’s all fine and dandy- but sharing it still feels odd. 🙂


  1. Congratulations on your 9th month that’s wonderful. And thank you for sharing your journey and pictures. You add a little something to my life each time you do!

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    1. Thanks John! I thought I did see something in your post about Phoenix. I miss it. I was there 6 years and loved the weather and sites. Getting ready to read your last post. Have a great night!!

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