Endless Rivers

of Hope

Art is Everywhere

December 10, 2016

Sometimes the scenery around here gets old. Maybe that’s an indication that I need to take a walk. I will, I will! The backyard is getting boring, so I’ve been trying to be creative indoors—turning plain or blurry photos into something different.

The leaves are really falling off of the Ginkgo. I’m still trying to capture one of them mid-air, but still no luck. Eventually!

Peace & Love!

Through a Window

December 10, 2016

I mentioned to a fellow blogger that many of my photos from Colorado—of the sky, clouds and sunsets—were taken from our living room window which was on the third floor, facing the mountains.

This is one of those photos! I guess the main thing I had to remember in those days was to keep my windows clean! Sometimes I wonder why I was in such a hurry to leave there…

But then I remember all that snow…