Joy in the Trees

Joy in Trees

This is actually the complete opposite of what I planned to do today, but I was going with the flow. It’s actually the Joy ornament in the tree, stuck between two branches- but it seemed too hard. There was too much bark, and I was in the mood for something softer and more delicate. So it pretty much looks nothing like the original photo. 😉

Below is another photo, showing what I was going to do. Too boring. It actually looks like the photograph that it started out as. I do that on occasion!


With this huge Gingko, the yard is now covered in leaves, and I’ve had it up to my eyeballs in yellow. So in this last photo I tried to make is look more like snow.


That’s it for Joy in The Trees. Who knows where we’ll find her next!

I had a lot of great thoughts today for more writing… I had paragraphs written out in my head, but I didn’t take any notes- and the thoughts have escaped me for now. They’ll come back.

Until later-