Stolen Joy

I have a simple confession to make. For the first time ever, I posted- then deleted a post. My heart was not even in it. It had photos that I don’t even care for, and random ramblings that had no real thought or feelings behind them. I was in avoidance mode.

My joy was temporarily stolen today. Nothing huge. Just silly stuff. Sometimes I hear something, or read something… and it just sucks the life out of me.

Anyway- I took the photo of the moon. I think it was last night. It’s a really good one, and I’ll use it again for something else sometime. I also took the photo of the crow. I’ve got quite a few of them. The eye is borrowed, because I just wanted a tear.


Sometimes I wonder if people realize how piercing words are, and how deeply they penetrate. No matter how simple they are. They can make or break someone. Or steal their joy.

That’s all. Now I’ve written from the heart, which I was trying to avoid- but I’m pretty happy about my moon. Oh, and if posts float around like deleted tweets do sometimes, and you see a lonely car in a parking lot- that post no longer exists. 😉

Now  I’m off to get my joy back. I’ll be working on my story again soon, but I’m looking forward to simply relaxing tonight, and viewing other peoples posts. O.P.P. (I think that’s actually an old song)

Peace and Love Everyone!