Stolen Joy

My joy was temporarily stolen today. Nothing huge. Just silly stuff. Sometimes I hear something, or read something… and it just sucks the life out of me.


Sometimes I wonder if people realize how piercing words are, and how deeply they penetrate. No matter how simple they are. They can make or break a person.

And steal their joy.

That’s all. Things will be brighter tomorrow, and my JOY will be returned.


  1. I have been thinking about what to write on this…. You need the bad days to recognize the good. Probably sounds crappy when you are going through a bad but it’s the best I can do. There will be excellent days as well 🙂

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    1. I know! It was only for the moment, and I knew that- but let myself feel it. It was actually a reminder to me about acceptance and serenity. Outside forces, aside from God, are not to be looked to for joy. It’s a new day! Fresh, new day!

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