My dad fed many of the neighborhood animals for years. Squirrels would literally climb up his leg while he was sitting outside in his little garage/office, inquiring where their daily rations were.

The first picture is what I would see in the morning if I took too long to get outside. My desk was so close to the window that we were almost eye to eye! She knew exactly where to find me, too!

The ornament seems to have gone AWOL, so this is my JOY photo today!

Discovering joy in and old friend.


5 thoughts on “Backyard Buddy

  1. My dad used to do the same. He would spend hours trying to squirrel-proof our bird feeders, but the squirrels always won. One squirrel would sit in a tree and carefully drop nuts on the head of our old Siamese cat.
    Thanks for the memories!

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