Joy on Wheels

You probably knew this was coming. Yes…yes indeed! Joy was found on wheels today. It was a double whammy when I saw the reflections that were there, when I went to take the picture. It must have been the perfect time of day.

Then… I went to pick up pizza tonight and the red clouds were absolutely gorgeous! I took a few snaps with my phone, but the built-in camera is too basic.

Nevertheless, it’s more car art…

From the side window

From the windshield


It’s been a very good day! It was beautiful outside, and I managed to get some great photos out back, of some things that sort of popped up recently. I’ll share those soon. To top it off, I picked up my five year old grandson from school (walking- no car seat!), and we got to have a few laughs together. Life is good!

Until later-Janet