Joy on Wheels

You probably knew this was coming. Yes…yes indeed! Joy was found on wheels today. It was a double whammy when I saw the reflections that were there, when I went to take the picture. It must have been the perfect time of day.

Then… I went to pick up pizza tonight and the red clouds were absolutely gorgeous! I took a few snaps with my phone. It’s more car art!

From the Side Window

From the Windshield


It’s been a good day! It was beautiful outside and I managed to get some great photos out back, of some things that sort of popped up recently. I’ll share those soon. To top it off, I picked up my grandson from school and we got to have some laughs together.

Life is good!


    1. Thanks Rob! Yeah, it’s hard with a phone that doesn’t have a great camera. I found that out last night lol. Luckily they can be edited. 🙂 You know… I emailed them to myself, to edit on the computer. You could try that sometime if you have a good computer.

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  1. Stunning pictures! I really like how you incorporate the car itself in the pictures as well, like on the last picture where you can actually see it is taken through the window. You have done that before in your other pictures and I love the feeling of these pictures. Like being on a road trip!

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    1. Thanks Marcus! I still only like black and whites when it comes to hanging them on walls. I’ll let you know when I’m ready tho. Still eyeballing the child by the fountain and the people at the bar. 😉

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