Preparing for Take-off

Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are. -Chinese Proverb

I got a bit of a crow in the walnut tree next door. It’s not a pretty tree- if you ask me, so I did a little crazy stuff to it. I like his stance- he looks very brave. And for some reason every bird around here is ALWAYS behind a branch. It’s like they do it on purpose. 😉

I’ve been into black and whites lately. Probably because the backyard is getting old and I haven’t taken the camera anywhere exciting yet.

That’s going to change though. Believe it or not- I FINALLY picked up the SUV that my friend and her husband decided to give me. We’ve been missing each other, and postponing the hand-off, but today we finally made it happen! It’s HUGE! It will be great for hauling furniture someday. So, I’m super excited about that.

It’s a major, awesome, wonderful Christmas gift. I have wheels again! Woo HOO.

That’s all for now. Peace and love.