City Street Life

I stepped outside of my comfort zone today, and took a shot at a stranger today. My mom and I went to the library (after I finally got more batteries) and I tiptoed into the realm of street photography while I waited for her outside. It was exciting!

Usually I see a different man there, and it was funny to see this gentleman – because I’ve met him before! Our church has the Lord’s Kitchen once a month, and the last time that I helped there, I served him food and talked to him quite a bit.


Below is the very first picture I shot- when I was REALLY trying to be unseen behind the trees. Then my mom came out, so I shot the top photo as I was heading towards the car.


Those are CD’s he’s looking at. He had Adele playing on a very loud boombox,  and it echoed throughout the grounds, serenading me as I followed a couple crows around- and that’s when I noticed him.

I knew that it was the perfect moment to give it a try.

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