A New Day

This whole thing started out as me wanting to take a picture of the cross at the church where I go to meetings two nights a week. I took it tonight, in the dark, and it just didn’t look right. And of course I also had this new crow that I got at the library today.

That being said… here I am again, up too late-  trying to make something out of both the crow and the church. Killing two birds with one stone, you might say.

Anyway, I’m not loving the shade of blue in the back, but I like how the windows come through the crow. It’s late, so I’m calling it finished. For now. I think I’ll play around with it more tomorrow.


I was thinking that I’ve been spending an awful lot of time on these projects, but I realized something today. For one, I enjoy it- and two, it’s something that’s teaching me how to live sober, you know?

When I was in the hospital in March, a woman came to see me and we talked about God, and how I relapsed so many times in a year and a half. She told me that when you remove a bad habit, you need to replace it- with a good one. Focus more on the new, and you soon forget about the old, bad habits.

And it’s true. I never think about drinking anymore. Not at all!

My point is, I’m going to stop saying that I need to chill on the blogging. The photos, the writing- they are good habits. That’s all for now. It’s almost 2:00 a.m. here, and I’m beat! Have a great evening, morning or afternoon!