A Tree Transformed

This tree is across the bridge (the wash) from us, and it always catches my attention. The other day it was full of birds- which of course I noticed, but I love the branches even though they remind me of something haunted.

By Day
By Night

I took photos of it the other day, and then again this evening… just as the sun was going down. So I did up two versions I guess, a day and a night version. It almost looks like a different tree to me.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking a lot about writing. I really want to finish my story before the year is up so that the new year will be all about new things. My mind, however… wanted a little vacation it seems. 😉

I really try to go with the flow and right now the flow is… just BE. Just relax awhile, and do what feels natural. Not to mention the fact that I caught a cold the day before Christmas eve and made it through Christmas- then slept the entire day Monday!

So, I’m playing it all by ear for now. Looking forward to a new year. Thinking about what things need to be changed, what I need to learn to live with… and so on. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be ready to write.

God is great and life is good!

Peace and love to you all! Until later-