My Latest Obsession

I have tons of photos lately. Spider webs, a fountain, weeds, flowers, even one orange we discovered in the orange tree. Oh, and a bee! I captured a bee! Not on purpose though.


But I’m smitten with this darn tree. Anyway, I said I’m going with the flow… so there you go. I’m sharing more of my latest obsession- the tree.

The “Tree” with Birds in it!

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I still say it looks like it belongs in front of a haunted house or something. I’ve only gotten the top of it because, as I said, it’s across the bridge and it’s currently locked- so I can’t get on the other side.

As for other news… I’ve been elected as co-secretary for my Thursday night meeting- so I’m now being of service for the next six months. That’s pretty exciting! And the topic for our meeting tonight was Joy. I had to chuckle about that, due to myย little JOY ornament fiasco. ๐Ÿ˜‰

But, I’m JOY-ful. That’s what matters. Have a great evening, morning or afternoon! It’s almost the new year!

Peace and love-

15 thoughts on “My Latest Obsession

  1. What’s cool about the tree/bird photo is that you can tell by the bird silhouettes that they are looking at you.
    I am very impressed by your service work — I never got that far due to my reluctance to participate and propensity to drink. ; )

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  2. I just found your blog from a comment on another. I look forward to reading your posts! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the tree shot with the birds. I am self teaching myself to paint. Do you mind if I paint that photo?

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