Expectations (A Poem)

This was written in 2015, when I was struggling with relapses and trying to overcome my stinking thinking, as they say in the program.

A fellow blogger prompted me to look back at my poetry and I remembered this one, so I decided to share it. Mainly because my life is so different now, and this is a good reminder to me. To be present. – And the photo is the sky earlier tonight!

Oh endless anticipation…
I dream of what’s to come!
I miss entire symphonies…
while beating my own drum.
The road beyond entices me…
I’m focused miles ahead.
Forever running to get there…
trampling flowers under tread.
I dreamed the world was perfect.
Expectations never cease.
The thing that I am lacking is…
a sense of inner peace.
I miss my grandson calling me…
neglect to see his tears.
Selfish thoughts consume me as…
I ponder my own fears.
It’s tragic to be in my head…
that keeps me locked away.
Worrying of tomorrow…
or what happened yesterday.
I’d change the way I see things…
If only I knew how…
to conquer the big secret…
…of living in the now.

That’s all for now. It feels really good to read this, and know that I think nothing like I used to. I don’t anticipate too much, expect too much, or stay trapped in my head too much anymore. I have peace.
Praise God for that!

13 thoughts on “Expectations (A Poem)

  1. The given gift of Gods words, i believe are a release for some of us that can find strength and hope through written words and not only for ourselves but mostly for others and that poem was beautiful, thank you and to know now where you are today, that is the hope for us all right there and may God bless you in this new year.
    Many thanks

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