I started working on the final post for the Confessions series, and it’s taking longer than I had hoped. Especially now that I’m at the end, and there’s a lot to pack into a page.

And to top if off, my excitement about photography has my adrenaline pumping these days, so it’s hard to think about writing. Isn’t that weird?! Sometimes I feel like a kid in a candy store!

It feels like I never say much anymore- so I wanted to make a post just to say hello!

My friends took this photo, and I liked that I was carrying my camera at the old zoo. It speaks to me, about how I intend to make 2017 a great year.

I was also thinking about a post I made when I turned 55; my to do 55 things that I’ve NEVER done before throughout my 55th year. I guess I have my work cut out for me.

I wanted to list what I HAVE done, and then take it from there… because I hope to share some of the new things I do along the way, in my blog. It gives me something to shoot for this year!

  1. I greeted at church for the first time ever
  2. As of Thursday, I’ll be co-secretary at meetings- that’s a first
  3. I took a photo of a stranger (I guess that counts)
  4. I hiked at the Old Zoo
  5. I served at the Lord’s Kitchen at church (I’ll need to do that more)
  6. I took a photo of leaves blowing in the wind!
  7. I passed out candy at Trunk or Treat on Halloween
  8. I took a photo of raindrops!

I think I’ll be cheating if I keep using new photos to fill my list, but HEY… why not?! This list might not seem like much to some people, but considering my recent sobriety (almost 10 months now) and new walk with God… yeah…

this is all pretty BIG to me.

God is great and life is good!

7 thoughts on “Just a Note

  1. “Kid in candy store”

    You have such innocent childlike innocence and ways.

    Just how we’re supposed to be.

    The list
    Pick groups of things
    A serious of encouragement on fab
    Pick some people to call on for a few weeks everyday and ask how you could help them
    Go to a senior center … Well more senior than us! …is that possible!

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