Make a Wish

Do not wish to be anything but what you are, and try to do that perfectly. St. Frances de Sales

This just happened today while we were walking to the park (my five year old grandson). He’s funny. After looking, he had a funny look on his face, and wanted to know why it was so dark.

I DO have a tendency to darken photos a lot. I love deep contrasts, shadows, and vignettes. After I captured him in this photo-making a wish- he politely suggested that I “keep it light.” Anyway, I thought it was funny that a five year old paid attention to things like that.

Something I’ll have to work on this year I guess. Keeping it light. 🙂


  1. Haha, what a funny little guy!! A photographer in the make 🙂 I am always fascinated what kids take pictures of. Adults often seem to overthink.
    That is an amazing picture of your grandson by the way. Such innocents. He has yet to see the brutality of this world….. sorry, that sounded very gloom!

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      1. Awesome. It addictive so once you start watch out! I just my first few. Felt awkward. And we are not talking special poems. Read anything you’d like. Time for bed. Sleep tight. Submission form is on the new tab titles Poets Speak. Gnite

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