I’m getting ready to leave for my meeting. Co-secretary at your service. 😉

I’ve been thinking about things. Sometimes I think I post more photographs than is necessary- but then again- none are really necessary.

Anyway, I keep thinking to do one a day, and have it involve my mood. Just to kind of challenge myself for something. Of course, if anything worth shooting comes before me I’ll do it, but I want a task. A daily thing to do kind of thing.

I’m going to ponder that tonight… so if anyone wants to throw me a comment, feel free to. I guess- for one- I need to work on getting a good camera and learning how to use the damn gadgets. For now it’s all fun and games, and lots of editing and manipulating.

So, rather than just shooting so many (and you have no idea how many I actually shoot in a day!!), I want to shoot ONE with a real purpose.

Just thinking.

Alrighty… off I go. If you think that sounds like a good learning experience… just comment yes 🙂


12 thoughts on “Ideas

  1. I had a Canon 70d that and a couple of really nice lenses for about a year. I subscribed to photoshop and Lightroom and really got into it. I even tried doing some portraits. I realized really quick that moving into a professional arena would get very expensive. I was also becoming very obsessive about the editing. I know that sounds crazy, but I would spend days on one photo to try and get it “perfect”. I ended up doing like I do with many things – burned out. I sold my camera and lenses and moved more into painting. Painting has taught me MUCH about perfection – it ain’t gonna happen lol! Anyway…I ramble. Photography is an art AND a science. I was in several photography groups on Facebook. The BEST ones were run by the same admins and actually monitored the groups very closely: This one is a gear page which gives advice on gear. There are amateurs and professionals willing to give feedback. This next one is one where you post a photo and get feedback and constructive criticism of you ask for it:

    Anyway – you didn’t ask for this, but I thought I would throw it to you. I think if photography is calling to your soul then you don’t have a choice but to pursue it. Practice requires LOtS of photos but also try to get feedback. You will be amazed at how much you will learn. As far as posting one a day….I think you should do what you feel good about doing. I LOVE the style you have right now. Very artistic!! I would welcome one a day, but several a day is good too!!!

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    1. Oh thank you!! Great info and thanks for reassurance that more than one isn’t crazy overboard lol. Yeah it’s definitely calling my soul and the financial aspect is what I’ve been fearing! Every time I invest too much in something I lose interest. I don’t think I’ll do that tho! I LOVE photography. ❤❤

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      1. I think these sort of things give us small goals to shoot for – get us outside the boxes of comfort and regularity.

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  2. Yes, brilliant. Some emotions should be interesting pictures. Like dear. What kind of picture will you come up with? Hmmm, lust…that should be interesting. I won’t go on. Can’t wait

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