Today… my mood is contemplative. Most definitely!

I’m always hoping to finish my writing, and it just doesn’t happen as quickly as I’d like. Each time that I complete a segment, I have to exhale after I hit publish.

It’s like life was sucked straight from my soul, onto the page.

That sounds a little dramatic. Certainly no life was sucked out of me!

What I mean is that some of the thoughts that I write are old, but some are NEW. I have to pause and absorb those thoughts myself, you know? I’m learning on this journey, with each new thought or discovery that comes along, that I have to be contemplative – or it’s just a bunch of gibberish!

I have so MUCH to share, but I’m always trying to move too fast and my thoughts become a big blur. Sometimes the photos are just my way of chilling out and emptying my mind.

Anyway, I’ll start with ONE.

In The Vertical Line, I mentioned that I find it hard to write my story sometimes because it feels like it’s all I, I, I and me, me, ME!

So… to ease my own mind AND make a point, I want to say something.

Anything and EVERYTHING that is in my favor these days is God. My idea to share my story was not to talk about ME, it was to talk about what God has done for me. What I mean is; just like my passion for photography and writing… and now dreaming about dancing again…. ALL of that is about God.

All of that is BECAUSE of God.

I’m on this journey and discovering all of these new things because of my new thinking, that is a gift from Him. A gift that pulled me out of my old, destructive, and practically suicidal habits and thought patterns!

I wanted others to see what happens when you BELIEVE!

That’ all. I have more to write but for now… it’s time to eat!

I love you all dearly!