Did I mention early on in the blog that I’m always doing things backwards? Well, so far I’m doing this Mood project TOTALLY in reverse.  I wanted to do something with the tree, couldn’t decide between the two versions, and then decided to find two moods- one for each.

I think the idea was to take a photograph that fit my mood.

Not to mention the fact that all of the photos that I’ve used so far were taken before the idea came into play, so in reality… I have NOT done this project as planned- in any way, shape or form! – I’m so rebellious. 😉

Regardless, I think the two moods that I chose fit well right now, and undecided works for me the majority of the time anyways. I need to talk more about some things I’ve been pondering… tomorrow…

AFTER a good night’s rest and a pot of coffee.

Blessings, and goodnight! Zzzzz


4 thoughts on “Undecided

  1. Only one pot of coffee? I really like your word descriptions for this post ! Cautious. Ambitious . How many times have I started out with ambitious intentions, only to have caution creep in and there goes the ambition! I appreciate you and your writing! Thank you!

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