What IS the Hurry?

Hurry always empties a soul. – Ann Voskamp

Unfortunately…today my mood was HURRIED.

What’s funny about the word HURRY, is that it could lead you to believe that I was hurrying around- doing lots of activities- but the fact of the matter is that I hardly moved, and I accomplished very little!

All of the rushing around was in my head. I’ve got too many thoughts, on too many subjects… and I can’t seem to nail one down and address it. And I don’t think I’m ready to finish the final segment of Confessions, either. My heart’s not in it.

A few THOUGHTS that keep popping up lately, both in my own head, and on some other blogs that I’ve read, relate to isolation, stagnancy, laziness (well, maybe that one is only in MY head), the enemyfear, surrender, and change.

An interesting phrase I heard in my recovery meeting tonight is that we THINK about our thoughts. It’s true. I’ll be back later to elaborate on my thoughts about my thoughts.

I think. 😉

Peace and Love to you all!!

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