Endless Rivers

of Hope

A Grandson’s Kisses are Like Tattoos on Your Heart.

This was a fun shot today. My grandson and I noticed the cute little flower dangling near the ground on our way to the donut shop. He’s a pretty cooperative subject if his face doesn’t have to be in the photo.

This was the first time I tried a color splash, so I was excited about that as well!

11 thoughts on “Street Life

  1. I really like reading about your awesome days. They lift my not so awesome days. You deserve so many of them! And that looks great, that splash of color. I have tried that effect…. I failed 😦

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    1. Thanks Rebecca! I keep looking for more posts from you. 🙂 I hope your days get better. Yeah that color splash is tricky. Maybe one day I can tutor you, if I ever figure out how to do it regularly. So far that was the best result ever.

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  2. You’re so cute. I can just picture you running around chasing parrots. How did you do that? I’d love to know. But I’m sure my limited phone photo apps can’t teach me that technique. Do you adjust most of your photos in Photoshop? If so is it a hard program to learn?

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    1. Try PicsArt. See if they have an app. I do not have Photoshop. Not yet! Financial hurdles first lol. I did the colorsplash on the app I mentioned above. On PC but they may have it for phones!

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      1. I meant it. All those pictures I post are a result of you inspiring me!

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  3. Gil says:

    Love that effect

    And profound quote

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  4. Elizabeth says:

    Love the pic!! Yes, as Rick expressed- Thank you for sharing yourself! ❤


  5. Very nice! Looks like it might be an azalea. Great effect with the color and b/w! Thank you for sharing your gifts! Title is beautiful!

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