My River Walk

These are two more bird shots from today

I found out once I got home and looked at them that there was too much glare from the water, not to mention the fact that the birds were pretty far from where I stood and I have no real zoom- so this concludes my walk today! The rest may be salvaged down the road someday!

Take care everyone!

4 thoughts on “My River Walk

    1. That’s the beauty of digital photos! I have an editor that does those things. I actually altered it to look like a painting because it was too bright and unclear. Did you start using your camera?


      1. Yes, I have. I am guessing there is a way to do that inside my camera, but I’ll have to do some research. I am now just trying to update all the software that went with it. I used it for a couple of years for a project as I was going, but it’s been gathering dust for a while. I had photoshop at one time but I think it’s too complicated for my purposes. ; )

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