Well, here’s my black and white, sketchy looking pigeon. I’m really surprised how much he looks like a cartoon! I’ve been trying to think of a funny caption for him… but I just can’t put my finger on one.

How this all came about: I decided to make an effort to spend at least one hour per day walking around the city, to take in new scenery (cityscapes actually), and photograph some new and unusual things- since I’m temporarily tired of backyard shots.

I took a stroll alongside the Los Angeles River, and it appears that I’m a bird magnet. Ha-Ha! The river was FULL of birds!

The pigeons were loitering in the freeway underpass. At first they startled me when they started moving around, because it was a bit creepy in there- and I was alone. Once I saw it was birds, I grabbed a few shots before they flew off.

I posted the color bird earlier, but wanted to share the black and white because I had mentioned I wanted to do more weird effects. That’s about it!

I hope everyone is having a great evening, morning or afternoon!! Peace, Love and Blessings!