Frames Within Frames

I picked this book up for $1 at a thrift store: Rollei Photography, by Jacob Deschin

Mainly, I thought the price was good! So far I’ve just skimmed through it, looking at the photographs inside.

Obviously some of the content won’t apply. I just keep looking for inspiration and new ideas. I do enjoy my mood photos, very much so, and I will continue with that… but, I want to keep challenging myself. Today I’m going to focus on frames. Not my picture frames, but the frames within the photos.

I’m not sure where my hour long walk will be today, but wherever I end up, I hope to come back with a creative frame within a frame (hence the idea for my featured image).

That’s my personal challenge for today. Wish me luck!!

Oh… and please let there be no BIRDS where I go! 😉

Blessings! I love you all dearly!!