The Missing Component

Today my mood is COMICAL.

Are you done with that plate???

It seems like I’ve been missing LAUGHTER lately. I recall mentioning that I was going to keep it light this year.

Time to reclaim my humor.

Laughter is timeless. Imagination has no age. Dreams are forever. Tinkerbell

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My name is Janet, and I'm located in southern California. My blog is rather eclectic, featuring art, photography, and a little poetry, as well as short pieces of fiction (now and then). I also share about my walk of faith, and my journey through recovery from alcoholism.

8 thoughts on “The Missing Component

    1. Nope, returning from something none-fun. Left the house at 5am, took the train to Cologne (working during the trip) arriving there at quarter to 10. Whole day of meetings, back to the train station, a quick six Chicken McNuggets at the McD and now on the (delayed) train back. Will be home just before midnight. Does this sound like fun 😉? Just ranting……😀

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    2. That wasn’t a haha at you, it was a haha with you I hope. Also, if you notice…my son’s hand at the left. I thought of your post – about the hidden things. It’s kind of like that, no? 😉

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