The Missing Component

“There is nothing in the world so irresistibly contagious as laughter and good humor.” ― Charles Dickens

Are you done with that plate?!?!?

Today my mood is COMICAL.

I’ve been feeling out of sorts lately, and attempting to do frames within frames- in black and white no less- didn’t stir any creativity in me whatsoever!

I realized that what I’ve been missing these days is LAUGHTER. I recall mentioning that I was going to focus on keeping it light this year… so… today it’s time to reclaim my humor.

Laughter is timeless.

Imagination has no age.

Dreams are forever.

– Tinkerbell

Enjoy your day (and/or evening) everyone. Blessings, peace and love!!

8 thoughts on “The Missing Component

      1. Nope, returning from something none-fun. Left the house at 5am, took the train to Cologne (working during the trip) arriving there at quarter to 10. Whole day of meetings, back to the train station, a quick six Chicken McNuggets at the McD and now on the (delayed) train back. Will be home just before midnight. Does this sound like fun 😉? Just ranting……😀

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