Through the Storm

My mood today is Enduring

Last week in my recovery class, our pastor talked about Enduring temptation. When asked what temptation IS exactly… he answered: Anything that takes us away from what we SHOULD be doing. The routines that we’ve become accustomed to, through our recovery process, that have brought us to the point that we are TODAY, as a good example.

I wanted to add to my Good News, Bad News post. To be 100% honest, it’s not what I AM doing that I constantly ponder and question these days… it’s what I am NOT doing.

Slowly but surely, I’ve tiptoed away from the routine I had established. I no longer attend A.A. meetings as often as I used to, and yesterday- as in other days recently- I opted to stay home from church. I pray less often, and my Bible app has readings that are LONG overdue.

That being said… I’ve been praying for help. Today, I am on my way to an A.A. meeting, which is literally a block from my house. Once you are sober, the meetings aren’t necessarily for your OWN benefit. They are to be used by you, to be an example of what CAN happen in your life, if you take the steps and surrender to God, your Higher Power.

As my sponsor says… I can’t be a shining example to others if I am on the couch in my comfy PJ’s! 😉

She is so direct. Darn her. Ha! Anyways… I’m sharing because this is my journey, and these are the things that come up. I am enduring my temptation to stay home- and I am off to a room full of people… to share my experience, strength and hope.



6 thoughts on “Through the Storm

  1. Prayers for your walk of faith. You wrote such an important post here…how important a small group community can be in many areas of recovery. With my depression, I tend to have an ongoing desire to withdraw. It is the worst thing I can do. Faith and friends who understand are so important! You are in my prayers ! One day, one prayer at a time ! Thank you so much!

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    1. Good morning Rick! Yes, I tend to isolate but nowadays I like to think of it as healthy solitude. But too much is not healthy. I really felt good after going. Prayers for your health, both physically and mentally. ❤


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