Library Madness


First of all, my determination to go all black and white today really stifled me. I felt like a caged lion! It was like having cabin fever even though you are outside. So…I don’t think I’ll be doing that again anytime soon.

This is a bike and trash bin that I saw at the library the other day and I can’t even tell you why, but I had to do a U-turn and snap a few pictures before I went on to other things.

I think maybe it was the red crate on the back. Or maybe it was the little voice I heard singing… “take my picture, take my picture.”  😉

Anyways, I wanted it to be in color, and I’ve also been wanting to do something that appears to be airbrushed or painted onto something else. So this was my first attempt at that. What this is supposed to be is a bike and trash bin, painted onto a wall.

This and the bleachers photo that I shared yesterday were taken on the day that I got frazzled, so I’m glad I saved the images that I wasn’t crazy about. There’s always a way to turn them into something else.

No rules! That’s what I say.

Blessings. Have a beautiful evening, morning or afternoon!! – Janet

I’m now editing this post to include the original photo. Just for kicks- so that you can see what it was that I started with. Maybe it helps make sense of the darn thing. 🙂