A Bit Off Track

I added a little fisheye effect at the end of this train photo that I took yesterday. These are non-running trains, obviously.

I won’t say I’m thrilled about it, but I like the idea I was going for. I’m going to try it again, maybe on something else… but on this one it’s supposed to be a little “off the tracks” effect at the end down there. I added link to larger image, because you see it much better that way.

In saying this, I’m realizing that my impatience and tendency to rush are what’s urging me to post this now. I should just wait until I have one that I really love. But, I am how I am right now and I’m sharing it.

I have my meeting tonight, so later… I’m going to do it again and wait until I really, really love the effect before I share. Then we can compare. 😉

It’s all in fun anyway!

Peace and Love everyone!! Until later- Janet