Tantalizing Treetops


There were a lot of crows out this morning, although this picture is exaggerated. I’ve combined three photos into one and then changed around the colors. I also got a crow in flight, and the whole crow this time, so that was exciting! I’m sure I’ll be using him again for something.

Anyway, I forgot to mention last night that I don’t want to do mood images anymore. I’m going to do something different, I just haven’t decided what yet. I think I’ve done 26 or more moods- I think that’s enough. 😉

Have a beautiful morning, afternoon or night!- Janet

6 thoughts on “Tantalizing Treetops

  1. This is so creative! I love how the bird’s wing is parallel to the wire. Your or at least my. vision gets directed left to right but then you have the left leaning slope in the bottom right corner of the photo! In some ways I think it could be a poster for that Alfred Hitchcock movie! One of my favorites!

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