Dark Places

Last night I had an amazing God shot and this image works perfect for the story.

Anyone following my story knows that I’ve been my own worst enemy for the better part of my life. I overthink, doubt myself, and self-criticize.

Just before bed I was pondering my previous stories about my angst, my fears, and the imaginary THEY’s that I’d been conforming to please (although I did come up with some REAL).

Who’s Out There?

I was thinking back to my talk about the enemy’s whispers in parts two and seven- when I brought up the question: Who told me those things?

That’s when it happened. Genesis 3:11


I’ll tell you right now that this must have come from God because I can’t even remember how or why it burst into my head! And never have I pondered the question that God asked Adam and Eve, or imagined that it meant something more than how it appears on the surface.

But last night, I knew that it was important.

Who DID tell them??

I discovered that there are two books titled WHO TOLD YOU THAT YOU WERE NAKED? Both of them address fear, judgement, condemnation and guilt. I’ll be checking them out—see what I need to learn from them—and then I hope to share with you what I learn.

4 thoughts on “Dark Places

  1. Rick Christensen

    Thank you for sharing your walk of faith. I too am my own worst critic and way too hard on myself! In therapy, I learn to let go of the could haves and should haves and to be kinder to me. Regarding the photo, I really like it! You have converging lines and the red eye and face is perfect. My prayer I is for you to be more gentle with you. I learned that being hard on mysel was only hurting me. Blessings for your day


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