Grateful for: Flowers

“Love is the flower you’ve got to let grow.” -John Lennon 


I’m getting experimental this week, so be prepared for some strange ones. Here I merged a blooming rose with a smaller bud, and what I have now is a blooming mess! 😉

I’m kidding- but it’s hard to see either one clearly. I just like the blue color and the transparency in the budding rose, so I’m sticking to it.

Anyway, I mentioned the other day that I’m done with Mood Images (and I heard no complaints- haha), and I’ve just decided that February will be my “Things I’m grateful for” images.

And I know it’s not February yet, but I’m starting anyway.

Today I am grateful for Flowers.

3 thoughts on “Grateful for: Flowers

  1. Really like this image! There is a 3- d quality to it. You are good with your depth of field vision! So cool what you shared about February! In my prayer time, I have always struggled to quiet myself in order for a conversation to take place and be allowed to hear God’s whisper. Recently, despite my challenges, God continues to reveal in prayer ” give thanks in all things!” Which is so perfect to go along with your writing here. Thank you for sharing your creative gifts!


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