To My Lover

Young Love?

God made us for each other.
The same roads, alone we walked.
Bound to be together,
Two puzzle pieces, interlocked.
I love that you’re soft, yet strong,
And that you always see the good.
You are a man of God,
With priorities understood.
My heart beats fast when we kiss,
Flutters like… a butterfly.
Our humor is in sync,
We laugh until we nearly cry!
We are a team, you and I,
We agree to disagree.
Love without the drama,
Just what we needed it to BE!
It’s long nights that now are hard-
Restlessly, I’ve turned and tossed.
the unrelenting problem…
…Is that our paths have never crossed!

I’ve been wanting to write something like this for a while now. It’s actually not in sync with how I’m feeling today at ALL- which is probably good- because I didn’t want it to be written out of the depths of some sad and melancholy mood.

Alcoholism aside, an addiction to love (dramatic romance) damn nearly killed me. My life has definitely been one wild and crazy journey! Even with a day to day victory over alcohol, there are still reminders around of the other addictions that can set me back- if I let them. If that makes any sense.

Anyway, every NOW and THEN, I feel sad that I’m single- but the good news is that it goes away as fast as it comes on! Until I am in that place where I know myself a little better- I’ll air my frustrations through writing. 😉